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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Koble-MN HIO?

Koble-MN is a Minnesota State-certified Health Information Organization that has been created to connect and serve healthcare communities across Minnesota, allowing health care information to be securely shared between health care providers within a community or larger region. It allows clinical information to quickly move electronically between the different health care information systems that may be used by a patient's various providers (e.g., specialists, labs) while maintaining the privacy, security and accuracy of the information being exchanged.

What does HIE mean to my Provider?

A complete record improves communication between you and your doctor. Access to your health information from sources other than your primary care provider will assist your doctor in giving you high quality care. Providers need access to as much useful information as possible while treating their patients. Viewing your complete medical history—including all your lab results, medications, and immunizations—helps your provider make better decisions about your care.

How does an EHR/HIE improve patient safety?

When a doctor who is treating a patient has access to all of the patient's records, the doctor can make more informed decisions based on complete information. For example, EHR/HIE systems can show health care professionals when there are potential conflicts between prescribed medications.

What should I do if I have a concern or complaint?

Please submit your concern to us using this form: We'll review your submission and respond within 5 business days.

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