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For Patients

Opt Out/Opt In

Koble-MN allows your health information to be accessed when and where it is needed. By accessing your health records electronically, your doctors can see a complete picture of the care you receive. Sharing your health information through our network results in: Improved Care, Increased Security, Cost Savings, Prompt Emergency Treatment, and Reduced Medical Errors.

To make your health information available to your providers, you don’t have to do anything. You can, however, opt-out of having your health information available. If you opt out, health care providers will not be able to search Koble-MN for your health records. In emergencies or situations where you cannot speak for yourself, please know that providers will not be able search Koble-MN for your health records. Therefore, your decision not to participate in the network might result in delayed care, duplicated tests, increased costs, and possible medical errors. Please carefully consider your decision to stay in the Koble-MN network or whether to opt out.

Should you choose to opt-out and change your mind, it's easy to opt back in!

Download Opt Out/Opt In Form Here


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